Swiss substructure system for pitched
roof photovoltaic installations
Swiss substructure system for pitched
roof photovoltaic installations
Swiss substructure system for pitched
roof photovoltaic installations
Swiss substructure system for pitched
roof photovoltaic installations
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SolarStand ST.I.33 In-Roof System – in brief

The SolarStand ST.I.33 In-Roof System is the only insertion system suitable for all framed standard photovoltaic modules. It enables the installation of small to very large in-roof solar energy systems at unbeatable value for money.

The SolarStand photovoltaic installation (PV installation) forms an aesthetic, well-proportioned, flat and even roofing surface. Individual roofing features, such as skylights, dormers, chimneys or snow guards, can be seamlessly integrated into your solar energy system.

After quick and easy planning, the in-roof solar energy system can be installed without the need for special tools. The system comes with screws and rivets included; just 10 different components.

The system also absorbs roof movements without them being conveyed to the installed solar module. This way, you profit from safe operation and a long service life from the entire solar energy system.

Advantages of the SolarStand ST.I.33 In-Roof System

Unbeatable value for money

The SolarStand ST.I.33 In-Roof System is currently the cheapest in-roof system on the market. By using framed standard modules, you get excellent value for money. With framed high-performance modules, you get the best value for money per m2.

In addition, the SolarStand ST.I.33 in-roof system is the only system that can take the immediate use of the latest module generations and power classes available on the market into account.

Fast planning & construction phase

For each in-roof installation, a project report is created which, together with general applicable planning information, forms an individualised foundation for the planning and realisation of your in-roof installation. We deliver the appropriate installation rails for any framed solar module to you directly from the warehouse, and we also ensure a fast planning and construction phase.

The highest Swiss quality

Our ST.I.33 in-roof system is manufactured to the highest quality standards in Switzerland. The aluminium profiles used, and all other components, come from Switzerland or the EU area, and not from Asia.

Versatile and scalable

Quick and easy assembly

Unrivalled aesthetics

We are happy to advise you.

Do you need support in planning and sizing-up your photovoltaic installation, or are you looking for a PV-installer near you? We offer quick, straightforward advice!

ST.I.33 In-Roof System - Detailed information

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